Front Range Solutions

FrontRange Solutions develops software solutions for customer service. They have both customer relationship manangement software and help desk, or customer support software. They were founded in 1989 and are headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.


GoldMine is a customer relationship management system that can improve communication throughout an organization. It provides tools to gather, store and analyze customer information and centralizes all types of communication. Some of its features include: history tracking, opportunity management, document management, automated processes, literature fullfillment, leads analysis, sales and quota analysis, custom reports and merge documents, web data capture, email center, Outlook integration and project tracking.


GoldSync handles synchronization for multiple remote sites within an organization. It can be configured to syncronize only specific contacts or all contacts and can even include merge documents and reports. Synchronization can occur in a variety of ways including, email, direct IP address and many others. GoldSync allows a synchronization session to be set up for a specific time or it can be initiated by the remote computer.
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